Getting Ready to Fly

I would like some writing prompts.  This is something of a command.  I'll get them with or without your assistance, though.  I need to set my mind to writing again, which is so frequently ignored, shoved aside for other pleasures, or out of fear.

In order to step back from what is constantly in my thoughts, on the tip of my tongue, itching to be let out of the ink gripped so intensely in my fingers, I need to be presented with other ideas.

I have no desire to ignore what is nestled in my heart and running (sometimes limping or sitting and sighing) through my mind, because they are things that need attention; however, I get stuck. I talk myself into dizzing heights and deepening gorges, but it's on a track.

I don't get very far, because I agree with every logical thought and darling emotion (sometimes they are of the same mind, sometimes they are not, but they are always and forever both absolutely right).  So I have decided to step off the track.  Right to the edge. That is where the path leads, you know.  To the edge.  And the sights are beautiful. And terrifying. 

And, as I have discovered, and have to continually remind myself, the only way I get anywhere is to act and to write.  And I plan on jumping soon; I don't know when.  I just feel it.  It's coming.  I wonder if I'll even notice when it happens?  Will it be so momentous that I will have to close my eyes and take a running leap?  Or will I just one day take a deep breath, open my eyes and realize I'm in the air? Do you think you'll notice? 

So writing prompts.  What do you think?
Random anything will do, although I can't promise to write on every subject suggested.  But if you have a desire to hear a subject as filtered through my brain, by all means, please, do let me know.

For now we are working with a short list:

Brightly colored clothing
Gift Giving
Favourite Letters

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Jackie Proctor said...

This morning my head is filled with recipes. Banana Muffins are cooked, the Pumpkin soup is cooking and there is a cake to bake. There is no special occasion in the making, just a mood that I need to run with. So my contribution to your list...Comfort Food and In the kitchen. I've also been wrapping Birthday and Mother's Day gifts so three more...Mothers, Birthdays(ageing?) and the art of gift giving. Terribly domestic today but that's pretty much how it is just for today. xx