May Days

It is almost summer.  We are THIS close.  Closer, actually. thisclose.  Commencement falls very early for us this year.  It's this Saturday!  It has thrown my entire world off kilter.  Aurora doesn't get out of school until the 24th.  The danger of working on a college campus (especially one where you attended school) is coming down with Senoritis.  It is a reoccurring issue which always crops up during May.  Once you've caught it it will always come back.  I'm sure you can make all sorts of corollaries to infectious diseases that won't be mentioned here.

This May is kind of a big deal for me.  It's 10 years since I walked.

Me and Stella Bella (oh, so precious)

I loved my graduation.  Although as an events person I pray for no rain, I was so ecstatic that as soon as our diplomas were given it began to sprinkle. You can even note the umbrella in the background. A few minutes after this photo it poured, and we were all delightfully drenched.  Howard, one of my history professors, grinned at me, "You know, God is happy when it rains!"

And THIS May... well, I'm more excited and happier than I was 10 years ago. 
And we are doing soooo much!

We are getting healthy. 

I've survived my first week with P90X.  I love it and am so excited to be on my second week.  I do those workouts in the morning and in the evenings Aurora and I have been going to the park to play kickball and ultimate frisbee.  She is quite the little Jillian Michaels. She likes to kick or throw things in the opposite direction of me and scream, "Run! Run! Run! Mom! Get it!"  Especially when I start to slow down.

Aurora is also helping me learn how to cook and eat healthy ("Mom, do you really think you should eat that pretzel stick?"). 

We've been making salads.

With delicious Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars from Mountain Town Olive Oil Co
And last night we made Cauliflower Crust Pizza, which turned out pretty yummy.

If you are a dreamer and a doer I highly recommend using Pinterest (if you aren't already).  Because it is the perfect place to get and store ideas (which is the entire point).  We've already been doing some Crafts, Exercising, and Cooking!  It is going to be absolutely essential when we start designing our Nest.

We're also learning to play the guitar (which I've always wanted to do).

Yes, my fingers are sore.

So with a few years of getting through life and a couple years of learning how to live life under my belt... We're doing it. 

We are living our life just as we would like.  We're learning, we're working hard, we're playing even harder, we're laughing lots, and we're finding all sorts of people we love (including ourselves).

Thank you for being a part of our lives.  We wouldn't have gotten here without you. We love you.


Pam said...

It all sounds so absolutely wonderful! Yay for you and Aurora, your life is going up up up! and you've done an amazing job of getting there/here! a bubbly toast to you. ♥

Jackie Proctor said...

Your life sounds so good right now and getting healthy means it can only get better. Good luck with it all, I hope your fingers toughen up soon. x