Patrolling for Snow

I meant to update you on last weekend's fabulous pirate road trip to Salt Lake/Park City to see the fabulousness of Snow Patrol.  Let's do a brief catch up. Ready?

Florina and TL reunited for pillaging

There was lots of shopping and statue molesting

And catching up with the delightful Marti, with whom we went to school

And then seeing the amazing Gary Lightbody lead the fabulous Snow Patrol.
And, yes, he did hear me scream at him and answer, because he's wonderful.

What did I scream? Well, I refrained from screaming lots of lascivious things, but when he mentioned someone might have to come on stage and whisper lyrics in his ear I completely lost what little self control I had (which is not a lot, because I was screaming and bouncing and have bruises to prove it).
My arm shot in the air and I screamed, "PICK ME! PICK ME!"

To which Gary chuckled and said, "I can't pick just one of you. Did you see how many hands went up? That wouldn't be fair."

Now, that may not seem like anything super special, but I didn't do his reply justice.

You have to imagine him in his comfortable, worn, dark t-shirt, and black jeans, holding the microphone with his large hands, which happen to be connected just as they should be to the ends of his long and skinny arms that could wrap all the way around me until his perfectly connected hands could grab his own shoulders. 

And his hair. 

I don't think you could quite see his hair in that response.  How it falls recklessly just below his ears with the same amount of curl that begs to be assigned to Mr. Darcy. How it flounces around with sheer joy when he excitedly and energetically sings.

Or his lips.

That quite possibly exist for more reasons than just to release words with a devilish Irish brogue and make me weak in the knees, but I prefer not to think about what those reasons are, because then his response might cause me to actually pass out.

Can you imagine?
How about now?

gL bathed in color. oh snap.

Or Now?

So things went a bit fuzzy and I stopped breathing.  I know I'm a bit overly dramatic.

I'll just let you absorb that statement because we all should enjoy my sarcasm as much as I do.

So I know I'm a BIT Overly DRAMATIC, but only a few things make my autonomous functions, like breathing, stop.  Apparently, Gary Lightbody talking to ME is one of those things (no, I won't at all even think he could have been talking to anyone else, because I heard every other scream that night, and no one else screamed those words; at least that's what I'm sticking to) .

Now, I will temper it with the fact that the AMAZINGLY LUCKY girl that screamed, "I LOVE YOU." right as everyone got really quiet got Gary to ask, "Would you like to go out to dinner?"

So see, I am not as delusional as we all actually fear; I don't actually think he'll fall madly in love with me if he met me (but I'm awesome, so he probably should). But I do much prefer my made up love affairs to the real thing.  At least until the real thing can live up to the way I want my novel to go.

Anyway, I got to see Snow Patrol and gL for the second time. Each time with Flo (she totally gets to claim all honors for when gL and I meet and fall madly in love and have an internationally distanced love affair involving lots of missives and an occasional snog, amongst other things).

And this is what happens...
(from kicking your bar stool)

As a result of this...
Doesn't it seem weird how tiny he is on the camera?
Because he was much bigger from where I was seated.

 But I was so glad we were sitting. I think I could have caused all sorts of disasters if I tried to be on the floor. And I think my friends, Snow Patrol, and gL (even if the latter two don't specifically know why) were glad I was safely barricaded on the second floor balcony, as well.

So a HUGE Thank you to Angel and Marti! For helping me have my little adventures (and even joining in) and helping me do what I want to do most:


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Jackie Proctor said...

You sound EXACTLY like my daughter when she went and saw Incubus this year and I got a blow by blow description of BRANDON!!! And he took his shirt off and even though she wasn't close enough to get his sweat on her she was happy just to be breathing the same air as him. Glad you had another amazing weekend.